Friday, February 25, 2011

Nintendo Was What I’m Thinking of…

The former card company is now one of the most recognized presences in the video game industry. The Italian plumber named Mario also became a household name. However it’s 2011 and it is no secret that Nintendo is playing catch-up with the younger dudes: Microsoft and Sony.

The fanboys are typically your loyal breed afraid of change. The mustached man is all they know and a little Grand Theft Auto is much to real for them. Often, you may see a Nintendo fanboy wearing some kind of cosplay incorporated into everyday life; a raccoon tail, an ocarina hanging off the side, or some other item that belongs in Lady Gaga’s closet. In regards to power, the Nintendan usually keeps quiet so he’s not in denial like the Xboxite who cannot count. This does not mean they aware of Nintendo’s flaws so it’s not so much entertaining to poke fun at them. So I’m going after the company itself.

Nintendo has made some the craziest mistakes in it’s career. They terminated their research venture with Sony known as project “PlayStation” thinking that CDs cannot become the next big media to hold games. It was such a stupid idea…64MB cartridges was clearly the right direction to go instead of 700MB from a flimsy CD. This led a company called Squaresoft to break-up with Nintendo and take its bastard child known as Final Fantasy 7 to Sony. Sometimes, I wonder what Final Fantasy X would look like on the GameCube but that history is in another part of the multiverse that does not have Square-Enix giving Nintendo it’s “remains.” (That has to be the longest grammatically correct sentence I ever made).

The GameCube was the first in their line to feature an optical disc as late as it was and it was a proprietary format developed by Nintendo to avoid giving money to the DVD Forum…cheap. This practice continued well into the current Wii system…being cheap is fun practice. Combine this with horrible third party support and you have something of a self-sustaining environment that can only last for so long. Don’t believe me? Explain the constant recycling of the same characters in so many games for so many years in so many ways

All in all, Nintendo is a former child actor who lost the cuteness factor a long time ago.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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First On The Burn List Is The Big M

I’m not talking about McDonald’s. The spawn of the Xbox and Xbox 360! Microsoft has done a good job in cultivating some of the nastiest fanboys in the United States. From n-word slurring rednecks to foul-mouthed 12 year olds, the typical Xboxite shows no mercy. Losing is challenged by accusations of hacking and cheating because of the inability to comprehend that he is not the only gamer just using a plain old controller. This fanboy will even state the Xbox 360’s superiority over the PlayStation 3. All I have to say is…the numbers don’t lie.
Any researcher and interview archives will tell you that the first Xbox was a bunch of old parts put together and it just happened to be more powerful than the PlayStation 2 and GameCube at the time. Currently, the Xbox 360 has a 3.2GHz tri-core in that lovely case. The PlayStation 3 has a 3.2GHz processor…and 1 PPE…and 7 SPEs. Again, the numbers don’t lie: having $50 is better than having $10. So fight to the death if you want in regards to “power” but your cause is hilariously unfounded.
On November 22, 2005 (do you remember the time?), Microsoft launched the first next-generation console in our current console wars. No doubt, there was a rush to be the first and that came with a price. A poorly put together mess that became the Blue Screen of Death for videogames.
Aside from hardware, we gave games. Which console has the best games? The answer is simple: “To each, his own.” As for certain games having better graphics on the Xbox 360 than compared to PlayStation 3; there’s a logical explanation. You see, the sdk for PS3 games is really, really tough to wrap your noobish programming head around. Visuals can be pulled off way easier when designing games for the Xbox 360 and harnessing the hardware’s capabilities results in pretty explosions. Of course, this varies from company to company. The bottom line is: better visuals on the Xbox 360 does not demonstrate better hardware capabilities…only better usage of what is available to the designer.
You can see more Xbox 360 specs and PlayStation 3 specs if you want for further verification. Take a moment to sink that in and don’t accuse me of hacking =]
I can’t help but I think I’m missing a console. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

O’ How Time Hath Changed

Let’s face it. Kids today probably never played a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis. Altered Beast will probably hurt their ultra-sophisticated eyes. We can’t blame them for what kind of visual tastes they have in videogames. It’s not their fault for being born in a later stage of gaming history. I, myself, never touched an Atari console and many people in my generation (late 80s to early 90s) can relate to the younger generation. However, there is no denying that times has changed in the gaming world.
Today’s games are…for lack of better words…strange. I’m not looking for nostalgia but it is quite apparent that some elements from “back in the day” is no longer there. Having a random time to think way too much, I believe the problem doesn’t come from one source. It’s multiple. The console giants: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony (in alphabetical order), the game publishers and companies, and the extremely annoying fanboys…and fangirls, I suppose.
Make no mistake, I have no allegiance to any gaming giant. It’s not fun. It’s a culture that may have adverse effects on videogamers all because one guy popped a blood vessel frustrated with someone failing to understand the “epicness” of Call of Duty: Black Ops.
In the future, any well publicized game, good or bad, will be ripped apart by me. I will be your best friend one day and your worst enemy on the next day. The fandom culture will read at their own risk!