Friday, February 25, 2011

Nintendo Was What I’m Thinking of…

The former card company is now one of the most recognized presences in the video game industry. The Italian plumber named Mario also became a household name. However it’s 2011 and it is no secret that Nintendo is playing catch-up with the younger dudes: Microsoft and Sony.

The fanboys are typically your loyal breed afraid of change. The mustached man is all they know and a little Grand Theft Auto is much to real for them. Often, you may see a Nintendo fanboy wearing some kind of cosplay incorporated into everyday life; a raccoon tail, an ocarina hanging off the side, or some other item that belongs in Lady Gaga’s closet. In regards to power, the Nintendan usually keeps quiet so he’s not in denial like the Xboxite who cannot count. This does not mean they aware of Nintendo’s flaws so it’s not so much entertaining to poke fun at them. So I’m going after the company itself.

Nintendo has made some the craziest mistakes in it’s career. They terminated their research venture with Sony known as project “PlayStation” thinking that CDs cannot become the next big media to hold games. It was such a stupid idea…64MB cartridges was clearly the right direction to go instead of 700MB from a flimsy CD. This led a company called Squaresoft to break-up with Nintendo and take its bastard child known as Final Fantasy 7 to Sony. Sometimes, I wonder what Final Fantasy X would look like on the GameCube but that history is in another part of the multiverse that does not have Square-Enix giving Nintendo it’s “remains.” (That has to be the longest grammatically correct sentence I ever made).

The GameCube was the first in their line to feature an optical disc as late as it was and it was a proprietary format developed by Nintendo to avoid giving money to the DVD Forum…cheap. This practice continued well into the current Wii system…being cheap is fun practice. Combine this with horrible third party support and you have something of a self-sustaining environment that can only last for so long. Don’t believe me? Explain the constant recycling of the same characters in so many games for so many years in so many ways

All in all, Nintendo is a former child actor who lost the cuteness factor a long time ago.

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